ZETTAI KARESHI. Why have I discovered you this late?

2012. I started to watch this series because of curiosity after watching Taiwanese Version, Absolute Boyfriend. Fortunately, Viki had some problems and all I left to do is to watch the Japanese version because I was really into the plot.

Oh my gosh! The fast-phased plot, Tenjo knight’s sincerity for Rikko, Rikko’s flipped and Soshi’s unrequited love were the best! I seriously regret knowing this series just now. And the twist? After falling for Zettai Kareshi, I lose interest watching how corny Taiwanese version is; i just hate how they tried hard to make it humorous and the intertwining non-sense events are now irritating, very far from the Japanese series. No offense to Gu Hye Sun, though I like her much her expression too, doesn’t give justice to what is being dubbed to her. And Jiro Wang is really a hottie but I can’t still bear seeing him knowing I’ve waited a year to see Wu Chun play the role. But despite of all lead problems I do have, I’ve like Absolute Boyfriend before and without it I wouldn’t watch Zettai Kareshi.

All I have to do is to anticipate for the Korean version because rumor says Bigbang’s T.O.P will be the protagonist.

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