“I learned”, he said.

Then he failed again. Apologized and forgiven.

“I learned”, I heard once again from his lips.

Then he did it again. Another chance has been given.

Now he cannot even say “he learned”.

He yelled back, pretending what he had done was right.

He know he does not learn- anything from his mistakes

And some words are meant to be done, not mentioned, not preached

I said, “I don’t want to sleep with a fight”.

He said nothing.

Then how am I going to assure myself that an overnight argument won’t last the next day?

I had to make consequences, to walk my talk ⚡

Lost words

Meeting you was planned, but the memories you gave me are beyond my plans. As I type here every feeling I had, I realized that no word could describe how amazing I felt to be back in the place I once call “home”.

With my friends I hadn’t seen for years, being reunited with them as we exchanged different stories we’ve had for the past three years made it feel how time quickly passed us by. Despite that, it is just amazing to see that nothing has changed between us… it’s still the old me and them and I guess that’s the reason why there’s a word called, “homesick”.


As I still cannot find words to describe the vacation I had in the Philippines, here are some of the clips from my vacation!