PARK SHIN HYE: A role model.

She got the looks, she got the talents, and lastly SHE HAS THE HEART.

After ending the Youth – mellow drama; Heartstrings, actress, Park Shin Hye went to Ghana to feed children and be a worth modelling idol.

pictures / via @PSH_IFC TWITTER.

It was really visible to the pictures, how she acts naturally and how good – hearted is she. It is seldom seeing celebrities and idols doing this charity.

This is one reason, why I never lose energy liking and supporting her.

Another thing, since his friend from You’re Beautiful, Jang Geun Suk made a Twitter account, my heart has been pondering seeing them exchange tweets to each other. I’ve been a shipper for more than a year and as long as I can see how close they are. Everything’s all right.


Actor Jang Geun Suk has shown off his close friendship with Park Shin Hye.

On September 16th, Jang Geun Suk revealed a text message sent from Park Shin Hye and tweeted, “This little bugger“. The text message sent from the actress read, “Oppa, I lost all my contacts while I was upgrading my phone. Send me numbers“.

Previously, Park Shin Hye had tweeted “While I was upgrading my phone, everything got deleted. I just woke up from my sleep hahaha. Ah, so sad. Ah, daebak. Ahahahahk“, to which Jang Geun Suk replied, “Awkward“.

After viewing this interaction, Netizens have commented “You two play well with each other“, “The text message seems friendly“, and “You guys are cute“.

Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye are said to have become good friends since filming the 2009 SBS drama, ‘You’re Beautiful‘.

Source + Photo: Star News via Nate

You were my only, You were my first.

With my darkest moments

You always know how to make me smile

To my worst days,

You always know the right words to give

As a friend and a brother

You’ve always been there

Offering to wipe my sorrows away

Another reason for me to say, I’m INLOVE with you


His words are like calming music, like a sea water passing the sans… He always remove all the rocks in my heart… You are my friend I’ve always loved and in this I wouldn’t change a thing. You’ve become my means and extremes. The deepest scar in me.

As cold as ice?

That was my first time to skate in ice. It was a surprise adventure and the thing I thought really happened. Everyone was in their happiest state, but not with me. I WAS JUST HAPPY. 🙂

But still, good things has happened. At least, before leaving this country, I was able to be here.

2AM’s ‘I Can’t Let You Go’ official ENGLISH VERSION by Juris.

So I’m aware of the fact that the Filipino, Juris Fernandez made a career in Korea. I even saw her on The Buzz!, when she was included into a Korean Festival Concert in Seoul, where some of kpop idols also performed.

But I was really surprised when my favorite 2AM song from JYPE, has an official english version. I guess it’s official, because it’s already an album. 🙂

Try listening to both of the songs.

1. 2AM

for 2AM’s version, it is more powerful and energetic even though it is a ballad song.

2. Juris

for Juris’ version, it is more affectionate and since it’s an english song I can really undertang the feeling of the singer


I can’t really choose whats better. 🙂 Both are good versions.


I’ve been a HONG SISTERS FAN since I watched their drama, You’re Beautiful and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. My gosh! All of those dramas gained a lot of ratings and popularity over Asia, so who wouldn’t admire HONG SISTERS writing skills?

So, I bet by looking at my blog, you must know that I am a LEE MIN HO fan since Boys Over Flowers and despite of the fact that BEST LOVE AND CITY HUNTER are known rivals in timeslot in Korea, because of the Hong Sisters, i still watched BEST LOVE.

Like any other Hong dramas, it is still full of humor and romance, but I have to say that it has a simple conflict and doesn’t have much impact to me.

It is a little the same to Secret Garden where boy meets girl, boy admires the girl and stalk her til the girl quietly learned to love the boy and admitted she feels the same and boom! A CONFLICT ARRIVES.

I think Cha Seung Won portrayed the DOK GO JIN role effectively. Lee Seung Gi having a cameo here, who is known as the first person who was offered the DGJ role, seems not to fit in the story’s plot.  So I guess, its by fate that Cha Seung Won got the role and LSG didn’t accept this drama.

I can honestly say that this drama is really a cute one, but nothing if I am going to compare to YAB AND GUMIHO.

rating: 3/5


Well, I didn’t expect this drama will be my new favorite drama. Because Im a girl, I admit, I watched this because of Cho Hyun Jae whom I really admire since sophomore high school by watching his dramas; Only You, Three dads and One mommy & Forbidden Love (Gumiho). On the other hands Jung Il Woo whom I’ve know because of his role in High Kick made me also curious to watch this.

So as always Jo Hyun Jae’s acting is still as effective as before. I learned to love HAN KANG. And it made me really think what if I was Ji Hyun.

This story about 49 day travel to correct and live again is a must watch. It made me really crazy and give me goosebumps on what will going to happen. Because this drama is like a suspense drama, I was really hooked into it especially the story is more about love.

I’d like to commend whoever the writer of 49 DAYS, for a wonderful plot and really amazing twists.

I HAVE TO SAY, THIS IS A: 4.9/5 rating. Better than Secret Garden.