I’ve been a HONG SISTERS FAN since I watched their drama, You’re Beautiful and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. My gosh! All of those dramas gained a lot of ratings and popularity over Asia, so who wouldn’t admire HONG SISTERS writing skills?

So, I bet by looking at my blog, you must know that I am a LEE MIN HO fan since Boys Over Flowers and despite of the fact that BEST LOVE AND CITY HUNTER are known rivals in timeslot in Korea, because of the Hong Sisters, i still watched BEST LOVE.

Like any other Hong dramas, it is still full of humor and romance, but I have to say that it has a simple conflict and doesn’t have much impact to me.

It is a little the same to Secret Garden where boy meets girl, boy admires the girl and stalk her til the girl quietly learned to love the boy and admitted she feels the same and boom! A CONFLICT ARRIVES.

I think Cha Seung Won portrayed the DOK GO JIN role effectively. Lee Seung Gi having a cameo here, who is known as the first person who was offered the DGJ role, seems not to fit in the story’s plot.  So I guess, its by fate that Cha Seung Won got the role and LSG didn’t accept this drama.

I can honestly say that this drama is really a cute one, but nothing if I am going to compare to YAB AND GUMIHO.

rating: 3/5

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