2AM’s ‘I Can’t Let You Go’ official ENGLISH VERSION by Juris.

So I’m aware of the fact that the Filipino, Juris Fernandez made a career in Korea. I even saw her on The Buzz!, when she was included into a Korean Festival Concert in Seoul, where some of kpop idols also performed.

But I was really surprised when my favorite 2AM song from JYPE, has an official english version. I guess it’s official, because it’s already an album. 🙂

Try listening to both of the songs.

1. 2AM

for 2AM’s version, it is more powerful and energetic even though it is a ballad song.

2. Juris

for Juris’ version, it is more affectionate and since it’s an english song I can really undertang the feeling of the singer


I can’t really choose whats better. 🙂 Both are good versions.

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