JUNE 2011, BIGBANG’s Daesung has an accident with a motorcyclist around 1:30 am that causes the death of the later. Fast forward to JULY 2012, 2PM’s Nichkhun was involved in an accident around 2:30 am.

Daesung’s accident, 2011
Nichkhun accident, 2012

My fear now is what happened to Bigbang‘s activities last year might happen to 2PM now. The difference is the face of 2PM is Khun and I seriously don’t know what will happen to the group. Unlike Bigbang’s face was its leader GD. More of I’m seeing the effect of GD’s marijuana scandal to Bigbang may happen to 2PM.

MBC’s idol star  edited out Khun and even Caribbean bay that they have been endorsing for a few years now removed Nichkhun on it’s promotional pictures online. I hope this won’t affect much to 2PM, people must know that idols are humans too, they need to have mistake to learn which is part of life’s lesson.

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