BIG drama review.

Straight to the point. It is a very disappointing drama for the Hong Sisters. Well, If not because of Gong Yoo who is super duper hot and rising idol Miss A’s Suzy; this drama won’t rate well. It’s a roller coaster ride where it ended unjustified. I do understand the main male characters are  “fraternal twins” but are they kidding the audience because of the twice ‘after a year… ‘ phrase?

But i have to say that the story started so well, everything was amazing until the couple are always fighting all over the same topic until the end that made me sick of it. And I do know that BIG‘s plot is a very complicated story where if Kyung Joon and Gil Da Ran who must end up with each other will be the one at the end of the story; will result to a lots of more problems prior to the end but despite of that because I know how credible the writers are, I still anticipate for a good ending that I didn’t achieve.

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