“I’m home.”

“I’m home.”

I think of home, and I’d remember the moist warm rays emitted by the sun. As my sweat slowly pours from my hair, I waved at the man who would take me somewhere to meet the reason which made me come back. I reached for the handle as I sit, looking at how the place [...]

Photo wall idea

Hello! I'd like to share a small area in my room that I'm so much attached with. It's actually my photo wall! If you guys only knew the heart fluttering feeling whenever I make a small glimpse to my wall? In spite of heavy schedule as a working student, this wall reminds me of memories [...]

Oh Canada!

Happy Canada day! I am an immigrant and I never really thought I'm going to be celebrating this day 3 times now. When I came to Canada three years ago, I was regretful, depressed and miserable. Who would be happy to leave home? I was about to graduate in a prestigious university in the Philippines, [...]