“I’m home.”

I think of home, and I’d remember the moist warm rays emitted by the sun.

As my sweat slowly pours from my hair, I waved at the man who would take me somewhere to meet the reason which made me come back. I reached for the handle as I sit, looking at how the place have changed in a span of years. After a while, he stopped the engine; then I opened the door ready to run in the arms of the people I haven’t seen in a long time. They didn’t know I was there because of them, but I am glad to have them beside me again.

As we walk, we think about the silly things we have done.

We laughed and giggled while binge eating to the different foods I have missed. The taste is still the same as how I left it, and we are still loud as ever. The only thing that has changed must be us. However, in that second, I am pretty sure it felt like the past when we were young and innocent. When we never really have responsibilities other than to study. I know I have grown and matured a lot, but that time I was a kid at heart.

I walked and waited…

As I fall in line behind some loud girls who reminded me of who I was.  The sky is already dark where the stars and the moon are not visible. I am blissful to meet the people I have grown with. I am delighted to do things I have never done in quite a while. I am pretty sure my taste buds were on cloud nine while savoring the foods I missed. Then, I started missing my car and the convenience of having one. I tightly hold my purse as I look at the time, it is 09:00 pm. The mall is close.

I came to my house and closed my eyes.

It’s thrillingly scary, yet beyond joyful to be in the place I call home. I may feel different as I look into people’s eyes and manners, but when I am with the people I treasure, then I am sure I am home. I closed my eyes as I pray for His grace and fell asleep after the word, “Amen.”

This must be the first time in years I slept so quickly without any sleeping aid. Again, I’m sure my body says, “I’m home.”

new sign

Disclaimer: PAL plane, retrieved from: http://www.abc.net.au/news/image/4560556-3×2-940×627.jpg

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