Oh Canada!

Happy Canada day! I am an immigrant and I never really thought I’m going to be celebrating this day 3 times now. When I came to Canada three years ago, I was regretful, depressed and miserable. Who would be happy to leave home? I was about to graduate in a prestigious university in the Philippines, my future is all planned and I was having the time of my life. My family and I are not struggling financially and we have more than enough of what we need. I have the best people around me, who I never wanted to leave until my last day in the Philippines. The only thing I know back then was Canada is not just for me.

From Google
From Google

Upon coming here [to Canada], everything was different. Of course, it is back to one; no friends, no money, no everything. Luckily we have supportive relatives who helped us along the way. Now we’re doing good, more than what I planned and I imagined.

I may not be able to graduate in the Philippines but I was given a chance to be a high school student again. It is really rare to be given that opportunity to feel the youth in me. Now, I am in my second year in university taking up Bachelor in Nursing, dreaming to be a Nurse Practitioner if God willing. I also have a stable job, enough to buy all the things I want and need without asking a single penny anymore to my parents. I have the best future I could ever dream now. The only price is to study hard that I am more than willing to pay.

I am also surrounded by the best people I need to grow emotionally and spiritually. I am an Asian, so growing physically is a little not obvious. (HAHA!) I was liberally wild, which is a total opposite of who I am now. I used to believe in fate, stars and destiny… but now I only believe in God and his will; just like His will for me to be here in Canada, it is not just written in the stars.

Words are not enough to express how my life changed, how I became a different person and how I made it to the new beginnings, nonetheless even things may not be always good here in Canada I’m proud to say that Canada is now my home who honed me and made me a better person in a short time, so… Happy Canada day!!! 🙂

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