The Prayer

The Prayer

  One night, my younger self prayed and wrote everything that I wanted for The One meant for me. I wrote each characteristics, very detailed to the man of my dreams- not the ones that I often see in movies and tv shows, nor the ones I read in books. I described the man I [...]

Oh Canada!

Happy Canada day! I am an immigrant and I never really thought I'm going to be celebrating this day 3 times now. When I came to Canada three years ago, I was regretful, depressed and miserable. Who would be happy to leave home? I was about to graduate in a prestigious university in the Philippines, [...]

She said this. He said that. She asked, he answered. She started the argument, he apologized. I love the fact how we fight and make up; as we get stronger, we realize the shouldnts needed in our relationship. We may cry, we may argue, but it only left us tight as we hold on to the [...]

Loving like a Korean drama does

Just like a Korean drama, it took me time before I get to know you, to like you and eventually fall for you. It is not as fast as a meteor falling from the sky or how rain is pouring from the clouds, everything happens slowly unsure what the ending could be. The first chapter [...]

The story of my Valentines day!

Teeheehee! Valentines day is the day of love and romance, wherein it does not simply require a celebration with an opposite sex/boyfriend/girlfriend. This is the day to celebrate love and appreciate simple things on a special day. The idea to celebrate something that can be celebrated any day of any month in a year is [...]