The Prayer


One night, I prayed and wrote everything I wanted for The One meant for me. I wrote each characteristics, very detailed to the man of my dreams- not the ones I see in movies and tv shows, nor the ones I read in books. I described the man I thought was good for me, as a partner to love and cherish me in the future.

Then came the day I saw him and met him. I knew in me that he’s going to be the one but shrug it off until love caught me off guard. From strangers, I saw our relationship blossomed as friends then slowly adjusted as we become lovers for seven years.

It was a blissful seven years to have somebody to share every little things in my head; to have somebody match my weird ideas and have a company in doing things I’m used to doing by myself; someone to stand by my side; someone who still adores me when I’m at my worst.

However, the past seven years weren’t as beautiful like how fairytales and movies end. Our relationship had a fair share of downs, as we also hit rock bottom. We overcame our shortcomings and hold on to the love we have built together, because after all the things we’ve been through he is still the one, the man I prayed for.

Slowly all things I wrote in that book 10 years are happening and I can’t contain my excitement be with someone I love, forever and always.

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