The story of my Valentines day!

Teeheehee! Valentines day is the day of love and romance, wherein it does not simply require a celebration with an opposite sex/boyfriend/girlfriend. This is the day to celebrate love and appreciate simple things on a special day. The idea to celebrate something that can be celebrated any day of any month in a year is simply funny, but what important is to let someone you love know how important he/she is.

My Valentines day is a stress free day on a stressful week. I had tons of exams that week from Monday to Thursday and celebrating this celebration on a Valentines day is a huge bonus. I had to go to my 50 minute-class that day and shop a paper bag for my Valentine gift. He then picked me up at home around 4ish, when he should have picked me up at 3:30pm. I was really mad that he is wasting time… he even cleaned his car [seriously] and stopped for a walk on a mall because of an errand, when we should be dating that day. I am pissed inside, but I try not to mess my mood because it was a very special day. He then parked the car, pretending not to know where we are supposed to go.

To my surprise, everything was a set-up… he was actually killing time because he made a reservation around 5:30pm at East Side Mario’s and tricked me the whole time.

Our day ended when he gave me red roses and a big bear, which I vocally suggested him to give me. We went to his house and watched Baby and Me, a Korean drama that he surprisingly liked. After the movie, we head straight to my place, bid a goodbye kiss and ended our Valentines playing League of Legends,  the game I dislike the most.

That day, I feel like we are as one as we both go to the different worlds we are at. It was really romantic and memorable celebrating our Valentines day with the surprises he made while we are slowly moving out of our opposites box.

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