Loving like a Korean drama does

Just like a Korean drama, it took me time before I get to know you, to like you and eventually fall for you. It is not as fast as a meteor falling from the sky or how rain is pouring from the clouds, everything happens slowly unsure what the ending could be.

The first chapter in any Korean drama kicks off introducing its chracters… while we are not introduced formally, I still remember that first time I had a gaze on someone like you. It was a critical moment to decide if a Korean drama is worth watching or not. So many questions arise, about letting the show play or should I pause and take a break or stop and put an end into it. Back at that time, my hormones are so mad. How could someone like you be so arrogant and act like you’re so smart? Upon thinking now, that is the best beginning Korean drama can ever have, a love story that started from a hate relationship. Cliched as it may seem, any Korean drama starts with that, the story about becoming enemies, when two people does not even know each other yet.

As the series of chapters succeeded, moment will come when the viewer gets to say, I didn’t waste my first 1 hour watching on this show. The story is getting entertaining, you eventually make me laugh with annoyance, swear with full emotions, shout in a high note, chat with most honesty. I slowly realized, you’re not as bad as what I thought; like how each chapter in a Korean drama blossoms, our story unveils from strangers, to being friends, from you falling for me, to me resisting it then eventually starting to reciprocate it.

The highlights of each chapter in the Korean drama is what we savour and reminisce. If they have their high ratings, we have our own climax that we both liked wherein we take note of the dates that it happened and the place it took place. We also celebrate our own successes and support each endeavours, allowing ourselves to fly and be the best that we can be. The same way, how an actress in Korean drama gets advertisements while the actor becomes a movie actor. We aim the best of us and maintain our individuality while being one in this Korean drama plot called life.

The only difference is the case that our story is long, unsure and realistic where everything is in a script not made by anyone but God. There are no staffs nor cameramen, other than our director who is God, who decided that you will be my leading man and I will be yours. This will surely be more than 100 hundred episodes but my hope is so high that in the end, it will be you and I kissing inside His home wearing a ring from you and making our vows to love each other forever. For sure, that may not be how this story will end, we will surely be a supporting character to our kids’ story and to their own kids as well, but the fact is that we are as one in the end, our story will be the best Korean drama ever written. (Even we are not Koreans^^)

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