Next to Mac lipsticks, Colourpop has been my get go since it is affordable for its amazing quality. I have tried popular lip gloss style lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kat Von D., Ciate London, even Colourpop Ultra Matte but I never really had a chance to make time applying one on my lips since I’m not a morning person, hence I’m always rushing during mornings.

One thing I like about Colourpop is that they give options to their consumers about which type of matte lip products “we” could use- they have a stick and tube lippies. Having said that, lippie stix and lipsticks have been my choice because it is not as time-consuming and much easier to apply compared to other lip products/applicator.

Just recently, Colourpop released a summer collection of their best matte lippie stix, all in one gorgeous box! I’m lucky enough to purchase one during their last re-stock for this season. 🙂



Guity Pleasure


Back to Cool


Cookie: True nude beige in a matte finish
Brink: A warm dusty taupe in a matte finish
Grunge: A cool-toned plum brown in a matte finish
LBB: Rich plum wine in a matte finish
I Heart This: Red based fuchsia in a matte finish
Bossy: Classic blue red in a matte finish

— Colourpop, 2016

My only concern about Colourpop is their shipping. However,  shipping from the states to my house (Canada) took almost three weeks; this was made possible through USPS for $15.00 USD. If it was free, it would’ve not been a major concern, but since the shipping is quite costly, I expected better from them. The waiting game is always the hardest.

When the wait is over, it is still actually worth it. Check the swatches below.

Overall, for the price and quality of these lippie stix-s, it is worth the risk and wait. I am just stoked to try these lippies on me, and you should get yours too 🙂

new sign



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