I see you’re still loud and noisy and I now how much you want to change it, but don’t and I’m glad you didn’t. Have fun and enjoy your life, those are few of the most wonderful things you will take with you as you grow older. Smile and laugh like you always do because the memories you make will be a part of you to look back and cherish. 

Love your parents, listen to them and never answer back. I know it’s a challenge. However, you should learn to respect them because you are nothing without them. Fight for your right, but learn to say it correctly. Understand that all they want is for you to be safe and sound, something that all parents would like. Kiss them before you go to bed, break the wall- be intimate and show how much you love them. Always remember that they might be strict and hard because they love you, but soon, you will appreciate and understand even the tiniest value they have given you. I’m telling you now, how much proud you would be in the future that your parents raised you.

Make friends- a lot of friends. Don’t just be in a circle of people, yet always remember to choose them wisely. Know the difference between fun and happiness, for some people, may stick with you for your fun days but will never give you the satisfaction of happiness when you need them. Be brave to stand up for yourself and learn to let go. In the end, true friendship will lead you back to each other. When you find your best friends, write sweet letters, do things together, and take pictures. Treasure your friends and spend your time cautiously, soon you will miss them. 

Love but know to give up. Say what you want to say and never please anyone just because you love someone. Experience and savour the pain of first love, then learn from it. Your love story is not something that you see in your Korean dramas, so stop being delusional and move on. Always remember to love yourself first, because no one wants a damaged good, again this is not a romantic show. Stop liking bad boys and please never try to impress them, love will come to you in the least expected time. So be prepared and be sensitive to know when it is there but never settle yet, for the world is not only about love and hormones. 

So study hard, but learn to take a break. You will be studying much longer than everyone else. Enjoy what you study and always have fun. The mind learns what it wants, so learn to love your well-being. De-stress and relax, speak out and cry, sleep and rest, for you will be tired someday and you will not like what it feels like to be an adult. 

Don’t worry and enjoy life because you are surrounded by the people you love and will love. While it is still early, learn to accept change, I know you despised it but in reality change is constant. You will be surprised how much change life would bring you, and you will like it better if you learn to go with the flow of life. In case you’re in despair, there’s always someone to hold on to… and that is God. Keep the faith in Him and learn to trust in destiny, life will lead you to something bigger, and all these reminders will make you stronger.

new sign


PS: The writer migrated to Canada at the age of 18.

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