Three days ago, another academic year has started.

It is a moment of learning and meeting new people, but it was a tough time for me as I will need to face my fear yet again. To everyone who struggles, cry it all out to the Lord. Talk to him and share every pain and fear in your heart. Pray and let go.

Letting go may sound so easy, but crying is. Give it up, and trust the Lord that He will keep you under His wings. Have faith, take a leap of faith for His will shall always be done.

But never forget to prepare- mentally, physically and whatever it takes to be better. Always remember that change is constant and that all of us must move out of our comfort zone to achieve something more. This is what dreaming is all about, you don’t dream something that is reachable, but you dream something you want and you long for. Move out of your shell, and take everything as a challenge… a battle you must win with God.

Know your inspiration, know your support. They are your family, friends and loved ones, sticking with you through thick and thin. Dedicate your hard work for them, because God is using You as an instrument to be a helping hand to somebody. Cry with them, laugh with them, de-stress and gain all your strength from their love.

Pray and trust. It may not be easy now, but soon everything will make sense. Someone’s watching over you and He will guide you with whatever you are dealing with right now. Believe and you will make it.

new sign


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