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Last week, I bought this Colourpop “Back to Cool” Lippie Stix set. 12121222

I’m a Colourpop junkie ever since I’ve tried their Ultra Matte Liquid lipstick. So this box have 6 lippie stix inside.  It contains 4 mattes, 1 satin, and 1 creme. I’m so excited to try it all!


Actually, all the colors are fantastic and very wearable in your daily activities.

catsChoker –  pale almond nude in a creme finish (I love it I can use it if I have a dramatic eyeshadow, the lightest among the colors )

Baewatch– dusty rose in a matte finish (I feel like I will use this color everyday in the office) 

Mosh Pit– warm brown in matte finish (I’m obsessed with brown-toned lipstick! and I so love this color!!! “Kylie Jenner” kind of lips lol)

Out Of Sync– vibrant, hot pink in a matte finish (a fun color to wear especially on summer season) 

Too Sexy–…

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7 Bible Verses Every High School Girl Should Remember

7 Bible Verses Every High School Girl Should Remember

The link below is really a motivational blog to be a better individual! It would be really nice to know those verses if I was still in high school.

Way back high school, I find myself losing my identity because it was inevitable to not please anyone. Luckily, I pleased a bunch of amazing people, who knows me well up until now.

Enjoy her blog and let us continue living with God’s words!


Sara Weaver

As a girl who is finishing up her last year in high school, there are many things I regret about the last four years and also many things I’m proud of. There are also multiple things I wish I would have known starting off my freshman year. I’ve learned over these years how helpful the Bible can be to girls like me and you.

1. For when the boy breaks your heart.

“Always remember the Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit” — Psalms 34:18

It is very likely that you will have your first heartbreak in high school. Afterwards, you will probably feel very alone and you most likely beat yourself up about what could have been. Your broken heart is just temporary. God’s love is far greater than the love that any boy can offer you and he will be there…

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9 Signs You’re Becoming A Legit Introvert After Years Of Identifying As An Extrovert

The link below is so powerful that it made me contemplate the choices I'm currently dealing with. I finally understand why alone time is so great. I learned to count and keep real friends than to have so much drama in my life. I am seeing myself most of the time with my parents who [...]

Here’s Why You’re Still Single Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Here’s Why You’re Still Single Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

"You’re single because: You haven’t found anyone you love more than you love Reality TV." -- change it to kdrama... if I was single. 🙂

To the book I fell in love with…

Inside Letters

Okay. Where do I even start? It feels like my whole being is consumed by so many emotions all at once and the real world cease to exist. It’s been such a long time since I fell inlove with a novel that I almost forgot what that feeling felt like.

A good novel connects to its reader in a way that makes them feel like they are walking in the shoes of the characters; they feel their pain and joy; and the story lives in the reader’s heart and mind long after it has ended…but a good book never ends, it continues on forever in the hearts of those it has touched. The novel To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han embodies all of the above. If I could have a book as a soul mate, it would be this one. Through out the novel, I never…

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Character Clone

Inside Letters

Here are some reasons why Lara Jean(the character from the novel “To all the boys I’ve loved before”) and I are basically the same person.

1. Hoarders. Yes, we like keeping silly little things. I keep little notes from people, the wrapping of gifts given to me, the last gum my friend gave me before she moved away (weird right?), and many more silly things like those.

2. We’re not the ideal “perfect big sister.” Sometimes I’m the mastermind for trouble…I tease my siblings till they cry, and I do things that they get mad at me for. Nevertheless, I still love them with all my heart, just like how Lara Jean is to Kitty.

3. Attachment issues. Remember when she said she feels like she’ll never be done? That’s how I am too when it comes to love. It seems like my feelings will never go away and it…

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Top 10 Romantic Destinations

Inside Letters

Being a hopeless romantic, I compiled a list of romantic places that I thought would be fantastic travel destination with that special someone. These are all based on my personal opinion and in no particular order.

Love Tunnel- Ukraine

Tunnel-of-Love-in-Ukraine-4-740x555 This tunnel looks like a scene from a fairytale. The gorgeous sea of green arches provides a vibrant feeling of enchantment, a place fitting for lasting promises. It is said that if you and your loved one sincerely makes a wish in the Tunnel of Love, it will definitely come true.

 Locks of Love in N Seoul Tower- South Korea

Along the fences of the N Seoul Tower in Korea, countless locks were hung to “lock” the love of their owners. The keys are often thrown away to ensure that the love is locked forever. This symbolizes the expression of love and commitment of lovers.

 Venice- Italy



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