Top 10 Romantic Destinations

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Being a hopeless romantic, I compiled a list of romantic places that I thought would be fantastic travel destination with that special someone. These are all based on my personal opinion and in no particular order.

Love Tunnel- Ukraine

Tunnel-of-Love-in-Ukraine-4-740x555 This tunnel looks like a scene from a fairytale. The gorgeous sea of green arches provides a vibrant feeling of enchantment, a place fitting for lasting promises. It is said that if you and your loved one sincerely makes a wish in the Tunnel of Love, it will definitely come true.

 Locks of Love in N Seoul Tower- South Korea

Along the fences of the N Seoul Tower in Korea, countless locks were hung to “lock” the love of their owners. The keys are often thrown away to ensure that the love is locked forever. This symbolizes the expression of love and commitment of lovers.

 Venice- Italy



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