July 1st

Inside Letters

I watch as the fireworks lit up the summer sky, sparkling above us, brighter than the stars. I couldn’t look away from the display of dancing lights. It is a beautiful scene that brings me extreme happiness within this short-lived moment of time.

Despite it being any other day of the year, I need no big event nor special holiday to experience the fireworks display…all I need is you for sparks to fly.You are my own special firework.There’s something about you that mesmerized me. You brought colour to a dull coloured sky, and I couldn’t look away. But you’re just too far away…so out of reach that all I can do is cherish the view from afar.

We were standing on the same spot, at the same time, looking at the same sky. The sea of unknown faces, the place, everything is the same except US. How could our feelings…

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