Books batch 01

Due to my tight academic & work schedule, I am not able to make any reviews of the following books, however when given a chance I will try to write a book review about them.

Character Clone

Inside Letters

Here are some reasons why Lara Jean(the character from the novel “To all the boys I’ve loved before”) and I are basically the same person.

1. Hoarders. Yes, we like keeping silly little things. I keep little notes from people, the wrapping of gifts given to me, the last gum my friend gave me before she moved away (weird right?), and many more silly things like those.

2. We’re not the ideal “perfect big sister.” Sometimes I’m the mastermind for trouble…I tease my siblings till they cry, and I do things that they get mad at me for. Nevertheless, I still love them with all my heart, just like how Lara Jean is to Kitty.

3. Attachment issues. Remember when she said she feels like she’ll never be done? That’s how I am too when it comes to love. It seems like my feelings will never go away and it…

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