To All The Boys I Loved Before

First this won’t be a review because I’m waiting for my friend’s review on this book. She’s about to read this in a few days, so pardon me if I’ll be only posting what struck me and why I loved this novel.

Via Gooogle.



The first time I saw this novel, it already caught my eyes. It is not mine but it feels like telling my story on my behalf. I have totally done everything Lara Jean, the main character did, the only difference is I posted mine here in WordPress, I didn’t write any goodbye love letters.

I still remember how many crushes I had back in Elementary and High school when I was in Asia. Now I’ve come to realize that maybe it is all because he is out of reach or we’re too okay to be more than what I want. I also won’t forget how I fall for another guy, which was exactly like the first guy, it is still out of reach.

“You only like guys you don’t have a chance with, because you’re scared.”

– Peter Kavinsky


These excerpts from Peter made me appreciate the change I had, that I’m brave enough to let go and let my heart fall in love with my boyfriend now.

“Life doesn’t have to be so planned. Just roll with it and let it happen.”

– Peter Kavinsky


“It feels strange to have spen much time wishing for something, for someone and then one day, suddenly,to just stop”

– Lara Jean


Since this is not a review, all I can say is that I’m glad the story ended how it should be. It is very realistic about letting go and an eye opener that love is better real, than in the movies. Ciao.  ❤ ❥ ❣


If ever you find this confusing, to be honest my mind is still floating up in the air. You might as well just read the book too. 🙂

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