When I was in Nursing school, one area of nursing that made a huge impact in my life is my Mental Health rotation. During my rotation in a mental health unit, I was amazed by the hormones and neurotransmitters in our system and how it could affect our feelings and emotions. I've also seen people [...]



You were never my best friend, but you have become a part of my life that I never really wanted to let go. I still have the gifts you have given me; the pictures we have taken since grade school are still hanging on my wall. I would still laugh at the thought of the times [...]



Skincare routine these days has become a lengthy multi-step process, which may appear as weird, OA and exhaustive to others. This all started when Charlotte Cho of SOKOGLAM published The Little Book of Skin Care! I believe the book mentioned about the 10 KOREAN SKIN CARE ROUTINE for a “healthy, glowing skin,” which has become a trend not [...]

Five things I realized about “love” in my 20s

Love -  a four letter word that is most commonly used, with so many meanings and stories in it. While David Levithan defined love in one of his books as something not worth trying (based on how I understood it). I find love worth risking; it is worth all the time in the world that [...]

You and the shadow

"16/52 - Something to lean on" (CC BY 2.0) by  kennymatic    That day you treated me so well, I felt the prettiest. You stood close to me, enough for me to feel your warmth as our skin touches one another. Today, where are you? I feel worst. All I can do is to barely hold on as [...]

7 Bible Verses Every High School Girl Should Remember

7 Bible Verses Every High School Girl Should Remember

The link below is really a motivational blog to be a better individual! It would be really nice to know those verses if I was still in high school.

Way back high school, I find myself losing my identity because it was inevitable to not please anyone. Luckily, I pleased a bunch of amazing people, who knows me well up until now.

Enjoy her blog and let us continue living with God’s words!


Sara Weaver

As a girl who is finishing up her last year in high school, there are many things I regret about the last four years and also many things I’m proud of. There are also multiple things I wish I would have known starting off my freshman year. I’ve learned over these years how helpful the Bible can be to girls like me and you.

1. For when the boy breaks your heart.

“Always remember the Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit” — Psalms 34:18

It is very likely that you will have your first heartbreak in high school. Afterwards, you will probably feel very alone and you most likely beat yourself up about what could have been. Your broken heart is just temporary. God’s love is far greater than the love that any boy can offer you and he will be there…

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"I learned", he said. Then he failed again. Apologized and forgiven. "I learned", I heard once again from his lips. Then he did it again. Another chance has been given. Now he cannot even say "he learned". He yelled back, pretending what he had done was right. He know he does not learn- anything from [...]

To be loved by You

I have forgotten You, yet i remember You on the times I need You You've sheltered me, then I left You with the things You've given me I said "draw me close to You", but I ran away from You I hear You talk to me, but I pretended I did not hear those words you said [...]

the riddle.

I wish it is understood, as easy as how it is spelled, but it is not. It is not simple. It is not only about the chemistry and butterflies that people grew up knowing. It involves a lot, it is very broad and hard. It does not make the world go round; the world makes [...]

Coming Back Home <3

Like I said, I was out for repenting and realizing things I never thought before. These days are really a struggle to whether change or not. I was even tempted and gave in to it in just few days, but I'll continue trying. As my mind flash backed to the time when I was able to [...]