You were never my best friend, but you have become a part of my life that I never really wanted to let go.

I still have the gifts you have given me; the pictures we have taken since grade school are still hanging on my wall. I would still laugh at the thought of the times we’ve spent.

But here I am… on the verge of letting go because apparently, you have decided to give up on us.

You let go, for your almighty pride at the expense of our friendship.

As I write this, I’m glad that I have done all the things I could to make this work out- I apologized and I tried everything to patch things up with you.

Yet you still decided to let go.

What for? What are you fighting for? What are your thoughts?

I wish you had told me everything before you started running away.

You wanted respect, but you never gave me an explanation that I deserve.

You’re a coward trying to hide from the hands of time thinking everything will just pass by. 

You have always loved to run away and put things behind you without dealing it. 

You are selfish.

As you hid, you watch everything that we have, collapse in your own eyes.

You watch our team divide and argue without uttering a single word. 

I couldn’t take it. Was it fun? As long as you are fine, it must be okay for you. 

We were inseparable, but all those moments, have become memories that went by as you took off.

I wanted to run after you, however, I must have reached my limitation.

I’m tired and breathless, wondering if fighting for a lost friendship with you still makes sense. 

All I know is that my heart has been consumed slowly by anger as I trail behind you.

How could you do this? What do you want?

And I have come to realize, this must be the end of our friendship.

Go run, but I won’t stay on the same ground where you had left me.

I will accept the reality that you have chosen- to give up our over a decade friendship.

I won’t lie. I couldn’t wish you the best.

I hope someday you feel the pain that consumed my heart as you watch me run for you to save our friendship.

This is the point where you stop loving the people who caused pain in your heart. 

And I hope, whatever the reason you had, our friendship was worth it.

3 thoughts on “BAD BLOOD

  1. Once the friendship is already toxic, know the time when to give up and save yourself from friends who only value their self. Friendship like any other relationships need two people to work things out. You, trying to save your friendship must be hard and consuming and I praise you for that but please save yourself. From the sound of it, I know you have more friends who will love you and treat you better. Love what you have and let go of those who don’t.

    I’m now your follower. God bless! You deserve it.

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  2. it is normal for friends to argue and fight. that is how it is.
    no matter what the reason is friends should stick up with each other. not doing so is not worthy of being called a friend. you will be fine.


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