You were never my best friend, but you have become a part of my life that I never really wanted to let go. I still have the gifts you have given me; the pictures we have taken since grade school are still hanging on my wall. I would still laugh at the thought of the times [...]

You and the shadow

"16/52 - Something to lean on" (CC BY 2.0) by  kennymatic    That day you treated me so well, I felt the prettiest. You stood close to me, enough for me to feel your warmth as our skin touches one another. Today, where are you? I feel worst. All I can do is to barely hold on as [...]


I can see through her the past that killed me a million times; the pain and torture I once tried to endure and all the feelings that I should've just hid. I can see through her the blessings in the pain; to value the friendship, to begin again and to love someone so deeply even after [...]


First and foremost, this could be applied to any nationality. Anyone's capable to love and so, this might be of help too, even the one you are trying to give your heart is not from Philippines. But since the writer is actually a Filipino based in North America, it is titled this way. The 5 [...]