First and foremost, this could be applied to any nationality.

Anyone’s capable to love and so, this might be of help too, even the one you are trying to give your heart is not from Philippines. But since the writer is actually a Filipino based in North America, it is titled this way.

The 5 steps in this blog, doesn’t include courtship since it is more about the relationship these days where everything is fast unlike before, in a way that it is still conservative and decent.

1. NO PRESSURE, be friends.

No best foot forward, talk and daily conversations is the best way for the both of you to get to know each other. This is also the stage where you could think if you really like this girl.

MOST Filipino girls, are very friendly, but they are more friendly if they are attracted to the guy by looks. So just continue being yourself, and try to see if he’s treating you differently compared to other boys she is acquainted with.


This is actually a little step to the first one, chat always, text or talk her often but make sure not all the time. Make the girl missed you a little as well, so next time, she will be the one to start the conversation.


Then go with the basic, hang out. BUT not with your friends, just the two of you, lunch, movie and dinner. The choice is yours! But don’t  give signals yet that you like her, make her confused… treat her, because you initiated it. But if she asked to buy something for the both of you just say ‘yes’, that means there’s still a little friendly thing. But as a girl, when the guy says yes to this, we will think that this is more of a friendly one. That will actually make a reverse psychology.

Never dare kiss on a first date, thought that’s really knee weakening date if ever. Leave the day for her as a mystery.


This is the funniest and sweetest actually! Tease her but please, not physically, make it more about her habits and do it with humor (needs a lot of guts!) I bet if one would do this, the girl will tease you back about something and both of you will feel more comfortable to each other after your friendly/romantic date.

5. REAL THING? Yes. Confess.

Confession time. Mostly, people get stucked on the step 4, because they are now engaged in an EXCLUSIVELY DATING or MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING relationship, but if you want a commitment with each other which makes a lot of difference it is now the time to speak out your feelings!

Think of a way to confess, make it a little serious though, too much for all those cute attitude stuffs and maintain an eye contact if you are planning to say it face to face. If you want a snail mail or through technology, that is alright but it will be awkward in the first minutes you’ll meet each other as a couple.


– tsukuxia


  1. I like a woman from the Philippines but shr lives in San Francisco, we are both gay but she is not out to her family, we seem to have ablot in common, I really like her, but feel wierdbthat she won’t banswer the phone when her sister is around, they are roommates. What do you think?….Maybe a bit cultural shock?…Thank you and have a great day. I’m from Brazil but live here as well


    1. Hi! I’m ashamed to say this but most Filipinos are not open yet to LGBT population. Your girlfriend must be having a hard time in wanting to let her orientation known to her family. So give her some time, besides it is you guys who are in a relationship.


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