Five things I realized about “love” in my 20s

Love –  a four letter word that is most commonly used, with so many meanings and stories in it. While David Levithan defined love in one of his books as something not worth trying (based on how I understood it). I find love worth risking; it is worth all the time in the world that I wouldn’t mind getting it wrong because I can love more than once, yet to only find the best one in the finish line.

I was just talking with my friends about love and marriage; that we couldn’t believe how time went by us that we are almost ready to settle down. To be honest, I never really expect myself to tackle about marriage until now. So, let me start.

1. Love is not only about hormones

It might be a series of chemical reactions in the brain from serotonin, oxytocin, adrenaline, dopamine; name it! You love based on your chemicals in the brain trying to pick a perfect match for you, but it does not last long.


2. It moves in mysterious ways

Sooner or later, like an antibiotic, you’ll get used to it, and you’ll lose the thrill. All the things that could make your heart flutter will disappear, yet you will still hold on because you see that person in a different light; not just with the chemicals but it is him/her- no explanations. Isn’t that mysterious?


3. When loving and being in love are so different

Then you’ll realize that you have been in love and failed a lot of times.


And right now you found someone that made you feel in love and still feeling love years after.

Somehow, that is the only thing that matters – it must be the perfect love at the right time.

4. In love, everything needs a perfect timing

Personally, I believe that good things come to those who wait… I want to be that “good thing”.

But then again, if your heart says that the timing is right, follow it! Jump and fall 🙂


5. “Put a ring on it…”

While ladies do not have the privilege to drop the question to the man we love, for gentlemen out there, if you love her, make her yours.



I don’t have marriage plans (note that I didn’t use the word “yet”), but the thought about it makes me appreciate simple things I never knew before. That’s what make love during this age different from any types of love- it is not the thrill, it is just love.

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