DAY 1 OF 365

I cannot believe how much I’ve grown. By that, I meant to age.

As I write this blog, I cannot believe I’m already 23 and teenage years have gone by me. Yes! I am this old.

Growing old is something that I wanted to happen when I was 18; to take on responsibilities, have freedom and get all the things I want.

Now I could say that I’ve reached the point that those hopeful thinking is now happening, and one thing I realized about it, is that- it is no fun at all.  Imagine juggling myself with work and school responsibilities, which I haven’t done before. The freedom that I wanted long ago was spent in the comfort of my room. I’d rather rest than go out. Also, getting all the things you want is the other way of saying- work hard and spend hard because there is no such thing as free lunch, which then again leads back to taking on HUGE responsibilities. Growing up is no fun. It is a trap!

However, as I look back, fortunately growing up made me a better person with better views in life. Imagine all the challenges that come with it. I learned to prepare myself for the future, I learned from my mistakes and to believe in Higher power, which is God. That said, the past 12 months of my life has been a blessing:

  1. My overdue academic problem is now gone, although I still need to work on my current classes
  2. I have met my old friends, a month after I turned 22!
  3. I am in a healthy relationship, and I always thank God for giving me someone like my boyfriend to lean on.
  4. My family and I have never been this close.
  5. Celebrating my 23 years of life is indeed a blessing too.

My day went by so fast with my loved ones and almost-sisters (friends). If not because of my clinical tomorrow, I would’ve spent the rest of the day having fun… however responsibilities come first.




For through wisdom your days will be many, and years will be added to your life.”

– Proverbs 9:11

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