Taking pictures is another way of saying you want to savour life at the moment because when time passed by on you, we’re lucky if we are given a chance to go back and re-do it, but most of the time it does not happen. While scrapbooking is considered one of any granny’s habits along with knitting and gardening, me, on the other hand, have learned scrapbooking during grade-school. In my young age, I learned to value time and experiences which are the reasons why even up to now; I have something to look back and show to my future kids/family. I don’t know why, but somehow I feel like I’ll forget everything and one-day pictures are my reminders that I lived my life the way I wanted it to be.

Recently I needed to get another scrapbook for my new pictures; my old collection was filled with so many pictures that I need to make a new one. Unfortunately, I am a busy busy busy person these days, so when I found a scrapbook for sale on Amazon that is affordable and unique, without hesitation, I bought it right away.

... because scrapbooking is a work of heart. 

new sign

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