Coming Back Home <3

Like I said, I was out for repenting and realizing things I never thought before. These days are really a struggle to whether change or not. I was even tempted and gave in to it in just few days, but I’ll continue trying.


As my mind flash backed to the time when I was able to hear a pastor preaches about serving God. I then remember once serving God when I was in high school in Philippines. I forgot I was a member of campus ministry for 3 years before becoming a Korean pop dancer/singer during my UST days.

The campus ministry I had before is a little different since I was in a Catholic school, while the church I am at now is a Christian; they may not have a commentator but sure they do have a ministry. As long as both ministries work towards serving and worshipping God, the difference does not even matter to me now.

I realized I want to be used by God, and then the conflict about my parents and work along with the bills I need to pay came up to me. I wonder to whether give it a try or not as I do, I prayed to God to tell me and help me in making a decision because I swear it is as hard as rocket science.

This morning I read my devotion app, totally oblivious to what it means to me. Until hours after everything just synced in to me that the answer about my question to Him has been answered.


I am now certain to go follow His lead although I’m still unsure what ministry I want, it doesn’t matter anymore. I may not be the best, but as long as I can… sing, dance and a technology literate, I want my I cans to serve Him.

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