From 11, 138 km. away…

... distance gives us a reason to love harder. For some people, another half may mean a partner, a wife or a husband. To me, my another half is my sister. I guess, more like my adopted sister- someone who is willing to listen and share, someone I can always make up and break up [...]

Coming Back Home <3

Like I said, I was out for repenting and realizing things I never thought before. These days are really a struggle to whether change or not. I was even tempted and gave in to it in just few days, but I'll continue trying. As my mind flash backed to the time when I was able to [...]


How would one say everything she feels to that one person who feels so unreachable but seems not? Will this be love or obsession or admiration. Lyrics:  It’s raining again Maybe you’re out there Somewhere.. with your RUBBER BOAT Fearless about anything Just letting the water flows Can you imagine how crazy I am Looking [...]


I don't know but since this is what I'm feeling someway... I feel like doing a very short cover featuring my fave kiss scene from Rooftop Prince!

British domination in me.

My British domination starts when I started watching British Teen Drama, Skins. (Thanks to Apolla) And before getting hooked to One Direction which is very popular here in Canada, I first had a free fall for Ed Sheeran. It was like months ago when I was bummed and randomly played any songs from Youtube and [...]