From 11, 138 km. away…


… distance gives us a reason to love harder.

For some people, another half may mean a partner, a wife or a husband. To me, my another half is my sister. I guess, more like my adopted sister- someone who is willing to listen and share, someone I can always make up and break up with, someone who I can honestly say anything, someone I could call my best friend and a twin sister.

Canada is 11, 138 kilometers away from the Philippines. That said, never did I ever feel away from you. I still could feel you from afar- your voice, your laugh, your rants, your anger, your craziness. You may not be physically here, but I know you’re just around, on my phone or my iPad and even in my heart.

When we met after three years of being apart, I felt complete. There’s something about you that could instantly make me feel comfortable. I guess we must be related, somehow. The three years that had passed us suddenly felt like a week, no stories to tell at all since we’ve been talking through the web. Thus, the bond has always been there like I hadn’t left. I never felt any change; it was like I went into a time warp back when we were only 18 laughing loudly at Starbucks. It was like how we fangirled TSITP when we were watching at Enchong’s concert. It was like how we played and chatted in our classroom when we went to Luxent hotel with other block mates. It was like how we ate at Hanayo when we had our Korean supper at Greenhills. It was like jeepney commute days at Dapitan when we were walking going to Morayta for League of Legends souvenir. That time, I never felt I left. I almost forgot that everything was temporary.

Almost was never enough, I felt the pressure of time. “When will it end?”, “How many days do I still have in this vacation”? Part of me was reminding to enjoy the moments, I guess we did, however, it was not enough because the more I spend time with you, the more I miss you and the more I want to go home.

You must know that you are one of my home that keeps me coming back. You keep influencing me, I keep on influencing you; things that are easier done when we were together aren’t as easy when we’re this far apart. I just really wish for the time we could do the things we planned together. Then the more will I be under your gravity.

A gravity in a friend like you is very rare and one of the blessings in disguise I received when I was admitted in UST. It has been eight years, since then but we are nothing but the same, we just got more matured and more driven in life. They say that long distance relationships are hard, but with a friendship like us, it is hard but bearable. Only I wish that I could spend your birthday with you, but unfortunately not. So I guess we need to add that to our long list of to-do’s.

I had flu (’til now) when this video was taken, sorry I wasn’t able to beat the high notes. =)

For now, you know how I wish you all the happiness that your heart could ever wish for. Until next time that we meet, Happy Birthday!

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6 thoughts on “From 11, 138 km. away…

  1. Thank you twinnie for everything. Umaga pa lang you keep on surprising me, hanggang ngayon. I can’t contain my happiness ❤ Kahit nung college pa lang tayo, you never failed to show kung ga'no ka ka-effort just to make me feel I'm loved. I am truly blessed to have a bestfriend like you. Tama nga sila ang 'swerte' ko sa'yo! ❤ if only i could frame this blog and put it on my room para tuwing pag-gising ko it will remind me na even you're far away from me, you never left me. You're still here, laughing/singing/fangirling/eating with me. Kaso di ko na napigilang umiyak nung napanuod ko yung video. and I heard your voice singing. It reminds me how much i miss you. Tinalo mo yung video message ko sa'yo last year!!! eto ang totoong #bestfriend goals. Like Yassi and Nadz we will travel together soon. I love you my other half :*

    P.S. Oo nakuha ko na package mo kay kuya guard hahaha! kaya pala bukambibig mo ang Kat Von D lippie! I LIKE IT SO MUCH. and finally may beauty blender na ko. :))) kambal nga kita!

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    1. HAHAHA! SYEMPRE NAMAN, ONCE A YEAR LANG BIRTHDAY MO. Kaya lang sana mas madagdagan pa yan kaya kailangan naten mag travel. So gamitin mo yang, KVD mo ah. Kulang na lang itadtad ko sa face mo ang KVD pag naguusap tayo! ;D hahaha. My surprises would not be possible if not because of Miss Lara and kay Edlyn smile emoticon Thank you, thank you. Gusto ko nga ithrowback sana lahat ng bati ng ex crushes mo, pero wag na lang so ayan… HAHAHAHAPPY BIRTHDAY :**** See you soon. 🙂


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