I just finished watching the Korean drama, Can We Get Married on Netflix! It was supposed to be my pastime drama, but I ended up liking it, to the point that I almost got addicted. What I like most about this drama, is that it demonstrated the reality of relationships, which include family, friends, and self-growth.

I listed the few things I learned from it, below:

  1. Love is not only about love

In the story, couples Jung-Hoon and Hye-Yoo plans to marry. What they don’t know is that marriage is not only about them. Thus, marriage requires three families; his family, her family and both of them.

It tackles the reality that in-laws aren’t easy to deal with (I am not married yet), as both sides want to be acknowledged better. It is amusing how planning a marriage could lead to a competition of who’s going to give more and less, mainly how money could make or break a family and how marrying is not just about wanting it, but being ready to share a part of one’s self. It is important for someone to gain self-actualization in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. By being the best that one could ever be, a couple could easily exchange and entirely give a part of themselves to one another as they start creating a family of their own.

  1. Even Mr. Right runs late

So apparently, my friend who just turned 24 years old worries a lot about finding her Mr. Right. This has been fretting her due to society’s expectations of women’s marrying age, which lead me to realize that love does not see any age and time, it could come as early as high-school, or it could even begin at the age of 50.

In the story, 50 years old, Deul-rae had given up finding someone in her life. It was not pointed if she had waited or not, but it is not rocket science to not know that she wanted to be loved when she insisted on trying the type of kisses she has seen in dramas. Min-ho, on the other hand, had a fair share of his trial and error in love. He married and had his heart broken twice, but that does not stop him from finding the love of his life.

Their love story added so much fun to the plot, as they try to do things that only young couples do. Somehow the couple has proven that there’s nothing such as late in love. Yes, it is okay to rush and get pressured, but it also pays to wait because somewhere out there, there’s someone destined for each of us. It may not come as how we expect it to be, it might cost a lot of heartbreaks and tears, but, in the end, we all have a perfect match, and all the experienced pain were only there to prepare us for the coming of the one destined for us.

  1. When all else fails, parents are there to accept you back

To be honest, at first, I am so annoyed by Deul-ja, the mom of the female lead characters. I understand her side that she raised her kids by herself since her husband died at an early age. However, her over-protectiveness leads to more harm than good to her children.

Hye-Yoo and Hye-Jin’s mom showed how unconditional a mother’s love is; a love that cares, love that protects and love that shelters.  Deul-ja loves her children in a way that she wants to protect them from the pain of the world like any mother would do. She showed how mothers are truly self-less to take all the pain just to protect children. She demonstrated how forgiving and accepting any mothers are, an unconditional love only a parent in this world could give, love that is irreplaceable.


After the drama, I fear the reality of growing up. I don’t even entertain the idea of living independently and settling with my family. It may seem easy as it was written, but the drama never fails to show how hard it is to raise, protect and cherish a family, especially there’s no perfect way in doing so. However, the fact that I have my parents, brother, and friends; I know that I will always have something to go back to, who are willing to accept me fully.

With my current relationship, I want to love with all my heart without forgetting to love myself because, in reality, love will never be enough. There will always be something more to consider, like what the story has shown.

In conclusion, the whole drama has been realistically mind opening; all the 20 episodes are worth my time, and I hope that you guys could try to watch it too. It is available on Netflix, with English subtitles.

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