British domination in me.

My British domination starts when I started watching British Teen Drama, Skins. (Thanks to Apolla) And before getting hooked to One Direction which is very popular here in Canada, I first had a free fall for Ed Sheeran.

It was like months ago when I was bummed and randomly played any songs from Youtube and suddenly i was already listening all Ed Sheeran‘s songs. Then I started talking about to my friend, Rich and started downloading illegally the whole album and shared it to my pal, Apolla. Now we all like him, and one of Ed’s song entitle Lego House is included in a Philippine Radio station, RX 93.1’s hit chart~!

I am just so proud I have known this guy. Though I’m not ‘that’ Adele’s big fan, Ed got my heart for the Brit pop. πŸ™‚

So this is my cover for his hit song, Lego House.


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