Hello, guys! We have a week long university/school break after Valentine’s weekend. They call it the reading week, but I (& most people) call it winter break. That does not mean I don’t read my books, ok? I made plans when to read my books for my coming midterms.
imageAnyways, since this is a week-long break and I’m not backpacking anywhere because I’d rather learn and earn money for now.

This is also the week I get to ditch my Herschel bag for some casual walk with my Kate Spade bag… meaning no books, no stethoscope, no cue cards just the fun kinds of stuff.

With that said, here are the things in my bag now:


1. Journal, iPad & eye glasses

Even though I may be away from class, it is still a necessity to plan with future schedule and make necessary appointments, which is why I always need a journal with me. I’ll just be completely lost without it.

I also carry my iPad with me, just in case I get bored or need to do some urgent activities, at least, I have my iPad with me.

My eyeglasses are my life. I’ll be completely disabled without it.



2. On-the-go cosmetics. 

These are my must need cosmetics, particularly my Tarte sculptor and lipgloss. The sculptor is like a light and easy version of my contour palette, whenever I feel that my contour is fading a quick line and smudge could fix my face shadows. On the other hand, my lipgloss is just a mini from Sephora that helps my lips to get the moisture it needs.

I have my Too Faced lip colour, that I randomly change depending on the color of my lips. I also have my Sephora mirror that I got last Christmas, which is a substitute for the pressed powder case mirror that I don’t have.


3. Lastly, I need my phone! 🙂 Who doesn’t?

You can also view my what’s in my bag  video below, privately uploaded for my blog visitors and readers.



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