Fujian 35mm f1.7 lens | SAMPLE VIDEO

Is there anyone who doesn’t like Insta worthy photos and videos? Well, I’m neither pro on photography nor on filming, but I always want to put my best foot forward on my social media sites, especially on Instagram. Hence, I decided to use Fujian 35 mm lens that surely wouldn’t hurt my wallet while also letting me have the #IGgoals that I wish to have.

Fujian lens is basically a CCTV lens made from China. It features the widest depth of field of images, with a focal length of 35mm and aperture of F1.7. It is available to use on a C mount lens that is easily attached on my Fujifilm X-A3. It also noted that this lens must be controlled manually, as there is no electronic element on its adapter.

Upon coming across this lens online, I decided to purchase it, since it only costs 30 CAD. Yup, it is only 30-Canadian-Dollars!!! For its price, it is totally worth the risks! Most YouTubers got theirs on eBay, while I got mine on Aliexpress since I trust the latter more. The shipping is free, and it only took 2 weeks to ship, which is pretty surprising and thrilling!

Check out the video below to see Fujian 35 mm lens in action!

new sign

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