You read it right, we have decided to never have a romantic getaway yet. We could travel close, but we will never travel a long distance as a couple, leaving us with a group outing as an option to travel. Yes! I will never see the world with my boyfriend, and we refused to spend time and travel alone together. Here’s why…

While people travel to improve and strengthen their relationship, we believe couples like us could do it without the need to travel alone. We become a better couple from the challenges and obstacles we experienced as a couple. We’ve had a lot of fights and misunderstandings that we have dealt with. Through our struggles, we remained resilient as our relationship become stronger as a couple. Now we are close to our fourth year, and we have yet more things to discover.

We realized to find the value of happiness over a simple cup of coffee or while watching our favourite Marvel movies. Or while mingling with our friends, and sharing our world with other people as we create and share unforgettable moments. We try not to make our own little world with one another, we respect the value of each other’s time, and we also try to spend our time with other people. We write history by ourselves, and we also create it with other friends- which makes travel experiences better as it is shared.

It is also economical to travel with friends than to go alone. Wouldn’t you agree? No, we’re not cheap skates, it is just budget friendly to share a hotel room with friends. Or drive a car and pay for gas expenses altogether. Long plane flights, road trips, and slumber parties are less costly when finances are shared with people you call friends.

We want to wait. Yes, at times we feel the need to be alone, but it also makes sense to wait for the perfect time to travel as a couple. Growing up, I learned to idolize Nikki Gil and Toni Gonzaga, who have enjoyed the pleasure of traveling in their married life. They have shown me that some things are worth waiting for, and certain things have their right timing.

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While Anne Curtis and Erwan Heusaff couple travel videos are sure #couplegoals…



… My boyfriend and I believe that certain things done at the right time are better enjoyed. People have an individual perception of “the right time,” which for us is after the day we say “I do.” I may not have a romantic getaway with my boyfriend; nevertheless, I will have it with my future husband.

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