When I tell people that I am not into photography, the reaction I got from their face have always been the “you’ve got to be kidding me” look. For the reason that I am not into photography but I have few gadgets I use in taking pictures and videos.

I am not contented with my cell phone. Although the cost of phones are expensive for a reason, which includes 10+ megapixels, I never got contented with it. There was a time when I only use my phone (iPhone5)  for everything then I found myself in a box… I realized that I need something more.

If you’ve been following my blog you would know that I even have a photo wall in my room. Also, I try to document my once-in-a-blue-moon holiday with my loved ones in a video format, even through blogging.

For the love of memories, I craved for more. I want to preserve memories that I have experienced, until I started receiving (from my boyfriend) and buying myself cameras that I could use to take souvenirs then print it, to keep in my scrapbook.

Below are few of my cameras and gadgets that I have:

  1. Polaroid Camera. Mine is not an Instax, okay? This one is a gift from my boyfriend for my 21st birthday. We like to take pictures & selfies, which apparently also includes those that could not be edited. Sounds like, true pic (real quality) – true love? However because I put my polaroid films/pictures in my scrapbook right away, instead of my boyfriend, I am proud to introduce you my best friends – Charlene & Judie.


Polaroid taken by: Krizia M


2. Canon Selphy. Other than instant cameras, I also have a photo printer!

Why not the fuji Instax printer? It is because I prefer having a full sized photo. By full size means 4×6 inches or more. I already have a Polaroid cam, so I’d rather have the rest of my pictures in a different size.

This printer is really my favourite since it is easy to use and very accessible when I am in a rush.

Canon selphy taken by: Krizia M.


3. Samsung NX3000. This is my newest camera. There’s a loooooong story why I got this, but to make the long story short, I decided that I need a camera better than my phone and my polaroid cube, that will not distort the image (Polaroid cube- 180 degrees view).

This camera is my new gadget for filming and photography. It has 20.3 MP, detachable flash, a shutter and a strap. The best thing about this camera is that it can automatically sync to my phone which makes blogging, editing, and uploading easier and faster. In addition to that, it has a selfie mode wherein you can flip the camera.

Actually, all of the uploaded pictures here, other than NX3000 picture are taken using this cam. I, however, used my S6 EDGE to take a picture of my new cam.

Samsung NX3000 taken by: Krizia M.


4. S6 Edge Phone. Of course, how could I forget my phone? The most accessible gadget I have when I suddenly feel like taking a picture. It basically has everything, from editing to capturing to filming and uploading, even blogging. Yes, I blog with my phone.

Samsung S6 Edge taken by: Krizia M.


5. Polaroid Cube. Click: This is not the first time I blogged about this little one!

I just love this little one as it is ideal for travelling and engaging in some activities. It comes with mounts depending on your activity. This was my boyfriend’s present to me for my 22nd birthday.

Polaroid Cube taken by: Krizia M


Growing up, I’ve seen how my mom designed and compiled every moment, achievements and birthdays my brother and I had been through. I must have gotten my love for pictures and videos from her.




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