#1 I’ve been wanting to blog about something, but I find my supplies for pictures not enough. There are just so many ideas going through my head, but I need to think more about it because once I blogged it, there’s no turning back.

I learned not to use Google images on my blog, as it might be under someone’s name. All I know before was I can cite Google in all the blogs I post. So yeah, I had to change my “Disclaimer” text. The good thing about that is I get to change those Google habits.

I just started using my own captured and edited pictures on my recent blog posts. Wondering what blogs? Those blogs that have sketched featured images! Thanks, SNOW app for making it easier to visualize  my thoughts.

#2 What’s SNOW app? It is basically a Korean version of SNAPCHAT, but with better images, filters and effects. I’m planning to use their filters with a watermark on my pictures. I swear, for a not so artistic person like me, SNOW makes it easier to put my thoughts into pictures.

The video below is my “Hands To Myself” music video using SNAPCHAT & SNOW filters. If you’re not familiar with the filter, that must be from SNOW.

#3 I’ve been compelled to splurge online! I just don’t know how and why? Maybe I’m depressed or bored? I don’t knoooow. The bad thing about that is we’re currently in the recession that I shouldn’t be spending my money YET if it means  that will be converted to USD.

#4. I am so happy that my best friend started blogging too. For someone like us, who are a thousand kilometers away, blog sites and social media keeps us close.

Visit her site here–  ❤❤❤

Okay, that’s it for now. 🙂 Goodnight.







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