I was really anticipating for this girl group comeback; Being able to watch YongSeo couple’s 50 episodes in We Got Married, made me love these 9 Stunning girls of SM Entertainment. Another factor is that being a JYP Entertainment bias since I’ve seen Dream High, made me think that SNSD is my opponent since JYPE made an announcement that they are seeing SNSD as something ‘like’ rival or anything for Wonder Girls. (I’m not sure with it, but check Allkpop)



So I guess, I was like, Uh-oh! I have to like Wonder Girls because it’s from JYPE & SNSD is a rival. But I’ll be doing this blog non-bias. Just to be open to my readers & subscribers.


‘THE BOYS’ was actually a boom! A bomb, where SNSD’s popularity is really no question. With just a night, its official MV gained 7 Million views! Its composer Teddy must have been really happy. At first, I find the song a ‘bummer’ because it is very different to what SNSD’s song I’m used to hear, like Gee or Genie or even Hoot. The Boys is actually a brand new sound for Sones because this song is actually made for SNSD’s level up career & debut in the US. So the beat was kinda a little electro-pop, good for the foreigners’ ear. J

I find the sound entertaining because of repeatedly watching their performance from Music Bank to Music Core to Inkigayo to MNET. The bummer impression was removed from me and I also find the two versions (English & Korean) interesting.

Now, I wish that what SM Entertainment expects, will happen. I love SNSD especially SeoHyun & Tiffany! I’m a JYPE bias, but I wish they would make it to US just like Wonder Girls did, cause that will be making more intense competition between these 2 groups. Anyway, WG’s comeback is also near so another fierce blog & fan war is expected.

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