I was like a nut few seconds ago after reading in the Bigbang Updates, that T.OP’s BigBang will be starring in the Korean version of Absolute Boyfriend which recetly had a Taiwanese version that stars Wu Chun and Korean actress, Goo Hye Sun.

After a while, I saw in my timeline to trend #Taec99days on Sunday. So I researched, what happened that I didn’t know this ‘99 days‘ ?! And the heck! This article from soompi made me more crazy! CLICK!

And I seriously, wanna watch this Japanese drama that will debut my Taec’s career. I just wish it will be a big hit because he is a 2PM member despite of news about Kim Tae Hee, hating by the Japanese people. CLICK!

Another drama to look forward for. Chansung of 2PM was also casted in a Japanese drama, if I am not mistaken.

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