So much for love life thingy about me, just last Monday I bought a BlackBerry Curve Gemini. For so many years, I’ve been a loyal Samsung user since 4th year high-school  because of watching many dramas where they are advertising a cellphone so that the viewers will buy the same mobile.

But everything changed when I saw this picture:

OK TAECYEON MOBILE cr: @taeccool

I’ve been seeing him and Nickhun tweeting using the app ‘Twitter for Blackberry’‘ while I was using ”Twitter for Android” like Miss A’s Suzy, but after seeing this I rushed and bought a Blackberry. So lucky that I had a lot of money left last Christmas.

So I bought a Gemini (my zodiac sign is also a Gemini), the cheapest; I can’t handle to use a very expensive phone since I’m still a student and I commute a lot and I don’t want to put my life at steak for a phone.

I don’t like the color violet, but my favorite color isn’t available so I ended up buying a violet case.

Just wanna share my fandom craze story that if every artist will show what mobile are they using, the phone brand will be so lucky because fans will be buying the same phone.

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