Well, at first just like what happened to other Asian dramas I have seen, I dont have interest in watching this series. But since I was bored again with my life routine, I decided to watch it.

At first, i find it boring and not interesting at all, because they keep talking about the past, that I don’t like, though I understand it’s really an important part of the story. And so thank God, I bear with it. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Episode 5 & 6 are such a tear jearker episodes! Leaving Rehn Guang Xi by Mu Cheng because of circumstances that’s like “life and death”.

My enjoyment with this series all started at episode 8, when there’s a guy named Liang Xiao Le appeared in the story saying “Mis Su Mis Su” … 🙂 🙂

So due to the appearance of hat character I was talking about, I slept at around 5am causing my head to ache, but everything is worth it because how the story runs is so fast and detailed that I was able to feel every character’s feeling. Episode 8 onwards, made me cry a river, well… try to watch it for you to cry also!

I love the ending, but unlike how the plot goes it isn’t much detailed. 🙂

I liked Vanness Wu after watching this drama especially seeing its BTS where Vanness and Ady are so closed that I want to become their shipper also. 🙂


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