I actually don’t know how to start this blog but I know that I need to blog this feeling I am having to preserve it and to be able to read it someday when this infatuation has already ended.


They say I’m in love. And I know I am not, but that’s not actually the point. It’s like there’s a reason for me to go wake up and go to class. A reason to sleep and look forward for another brand dew day ahead. But then again, I AM NOT IN LOVE. Thinking … I now know what is this feeling, im INSPIRED.

oh yes! For so long, I liked someone, had a relationship and been loving someone. Im in this state again. 🙂 But I actually don’t know why and how I felt this. And mind you, when you see that person I am thinking while typing this blog, you’ll figure out yourself, why. IT’S BECAUSE HE’S A PURE CHINESE! Lols. But that’s not the point again… Im losing my senses with this blog and actually , im confused also.

To make this blog short,  I am officially inspired! I smile and others think Im smiling for no reason, but Im smiling because he’s presence is well felt. Im laughing too much, when he’s talking. I can’t even look at his eyes directly coz when he looks back at me, it’s as if my heart is in the water and drowning. My heart beats fast when he’s near to me and all I have to do is to pretend that nothing matters though Im already sweating too much. 🙂

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