MY excitement about Christmas


Christmas is fast approaching and I can’t keep my excitement to this season of giving and sharing. My Christmas starts off, when I actually able to buy my Macbook Pro with Retina display after a long year of saving and waiting, in which I wouldn’t be able to have even if I work a lot in the Philippines.

The thing is, this coming Christmas is my second time to celebrate here in Canada. Time surely flies fast, even though I know nothing compares to the Christmas in the Philippines, I know this coming Christmas will be one of the best and special celebration I am going to have. Why? Because I will get to celebrate it with my two families! My boyfriend and I decided to celebrate it with each other in our own homes; 24th would be at my place while 25th would be at his place. For the first time also, I shopped a lot for gifts; 500$ worth of gifts, I guess. Having two families is quite costly, especially it is our first Christmas together as a couple but I do not care about how much I spent, because that’s the real value of Christmas, giving and sharing. My biggest problem with this excitement is the loop hole I must surpass to be able to reach that celebration I look forward to. Finals is coming up and Nursing is not an easy program. I need to memorize lots of scientific, indigenous, english words and facts before I get to celebrate Christmas with my two loved families. So probably, I will celebrate Christmas with a huge eye-bags and stressed face but I could not care less as long as I will pass my exam. And passing it with high marks would be the BEST GIFT, I could ever ask.

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