When love arrives…


I’ve always loved the idea of being in love since I am a kind of girl who loves Korean dramas to death. I’ve always dreams of being the lead girl with a very cute/handsome love interest beside me. I’ve always had my ups and downs, and for sure I surely will have more, but I am more than willing to take the risk now that I am happily gifted by God a very special man who I am so blessed and lucky to spend my time with.

We are truly opposites in a whole lot of perspectives: he loves to play; i love to do nothing, he sleeps early at night; I sleep early in the morning, he does have a sense of responsibility; I do not, he is witty; I am smart (?), he loves anime; I am into dramas, he likes Japan; I love Korea, he finds history interesting; i find it damn boring… but despite all the differences we have in our cognitive aspects, I am proud to say we are physically the same. We are both short and a little bit stout! HAHAHA! And before I forget, we have the same interest… when it comes to eating.

Loving him makes me appreciate things I never did before. I learned to open myself to our differences and broadened my mind to a whole new world of experiences, and so I know he did too. I know he was not the first guy I loved but I am praying and hoping, he’ll be the guy I would love the most and the last because I know he is the one that God gave me; the leading man I longed for and the partner in crime I seek to find the most. I may not know what is about to happen, what I know is while writing this, I know I am in love with him and blessed by Him.

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