The SKINS hype.

I’ve seen Skins in Youtube when I was searching a video for my Biology homework and that time it made me have a pretty little research about the series. It was all a research until a good friend, downloaded it and gave me a copy. Maybe she passed by through it in Youtube, I think? So that how it all started! I must admit, since the one I saw in Youtube was Effy’s episode I jumped to Season 3 and 4, without watching 1 & 2 despite of my friends’ advice that season 1 & 2 were a blast and really a great generation. I decided to make it a prequel, after watching the second generation.

Freddie, Cook & Effy.

Just like in the picture, I was quick to like Freddie; he is tall, dark and handsome, perfect guy to like and has that sense of maturity. Unlike Cook who at first I thought was just a piece of a shit cast, making trouble for the whole gang which included Effy, Panda, Naomi, Katie, Emily & JJ.

Cookie; Jack o' Connel

The 3 musketeers: Freddie McLair (Luke Pasqualino), James Cook (Jack O’Connell) and JJ Jones (Ollie Barbieri) have fallen inlove with Effy Stonem (Kaya Scodelario), because naughty Effy made a game to the musketeers causing them to be attracted to her. All I thought was James Cook just loves sex and pleasure with Effy but it turned out to be he is already serious with his feelings towards her while Effy is just evading her feelings to Freddie causing a rift between the musketeers. With these scenes and as the plots are twisting, I can feel that my attraction for Freddie was disappearing and Cook have stolen my heart. Cook was like a bad boy, but on the later episode you’ll be seeing his heart and sincerity.

Other members of the gang included lesbian love affair for Emily & Naomi while Season 3 has become more in tensed when Emily’s twin, Katie had a relationship with Freddie when Effy had decided to break up with Cook to tell her feelings

Kaya & Jack

Kaya (Effy) & Jack (Cook) were in a relationship when they were doing those scenes, making them beg the producers and the director so that their character could end up together. I think you can see that in the last scene in episode 8 and at the beginning of the episode 10. but too bad Kaya’s character, Effy really loves Freddie.

The Fourth season, started with a bummer feeling when a girl committed suicide and the gang became a suspect, when the truth is Naomi had a relationship with the girl and becoming jealous to Emily has caused her to kill herself.

My favorite Cook, I thought was about to have a relationship with Naomi when they were acting like close and sweet friends but it was just a ‘guess’ because all they had was just a friendship. James Cook really loves Effy and so he gave up on her and Freddie and Effy became a couple.

Here comes the puzzle from the first generation (Seasons 1 & 2) when Effy started to be like a psycho because of what happened with his brother Tony who was really indicated that was bumped by a bus. Effy consulted a psychiatrist who is actually a lunatic who ended up killing Freddie in Effy’s episode. Cook in the last episode looked for Freddie with demand from Freddie’s sister, Karen leaving the ending for us to imagine.


So I made the First Generation a prequel, eh? With Tony Stonem (Nicholas Hoult) being the biggest star here, episode 1 started introducing the different members of their gang in a way that Tony is calling each of them. I must say, that Tony had my heart from the very first scene he opened his eyes and with his manipulative, smart attitude. He has a bestfriend named Sid (Bailey) who loves his girfriend Michelle (Pearson), that’s no secret to Tony, he even organized a scheme for his bestfriend and girlfriend causing Sid’s admirer Cassie (Murray) to commit suicide. Jolly, Chris is engage in a relationship with his Psychology professor in the first season, while Jalonda, Michelle’s bestfriend loves music. Maxxie being gay and Tony being adventurous created a conflict in the Michelle-Tony lovestory; Tony asking for forgiveness was hit by a bus making the ending hanging.

New Tony ; Season 2

Second season rotates with Tony being mentally challenged, forgetting all his memories. This made Michelle & Sid have a relationship despite the fact that the one they truly love is Tony & Cassie respectively. New couple blossoms in the second season, new character who happened to be a stalker of the hot Maxxie. In the end, 1 died, 1 had an abortion, 1 followed his heart to NY and Tony & Michelle story just like the other character made us predict our own ending.

Tony & Michelle; Episode 10 Skins Season 2

1st Generation happens to be more of a little conservative. less drugs & sex generation, if you’ll compare it to the second generation where there is always an influence of drugs & Cook was like a sex whore fucking almost all the girl casts.


I’ll be watching Skins season 5 soon, I’m just in the phase of moving on with my Tony Stonem craze. 🙂 I can honestly say, that SKINS series is my first ever non-Korean addiction & Jack O’ Connel together with Nicholas Hoult are my first non-Korean obsession.

Skins, is a lot far from any twee-tums, cute Korean dramas I used to watch. This opened my mind to the world of vices and teenage life problems I am not seeing to Asian dramas. This is a series, I will always remember.

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