If not because of Park Shin Hye; FLOWER BOY NEXT DOOR Review

Really this drama’s story is really slow paced and non exciting.

The only reason I tried hard to watch this is because of the Manager eyebag girl’s lovestory and Park Shin Hye that I really like a lot, other than that, this drama is just a typical drama nothing new to offer but an entertainment.

2 thoughts on “If not because of Park Shin Hye; FLOWER BOY NEXT DOOR Review

  1. On my opinion,guess ur wrong 4 saying FBND,is not that exciting,indeed,f u watch every episode of it,u will find that a lesson can reach ur mind.though it was only simple but it was really touching having some1 in ur side loving u which yoon shi yoon really great portrayed d character.


  2. For me FBND,is good.like some korean drama i watched,i didnt compared only characterizing what d drama telling about.,i’ve watched many of it and didnt got bored or compared.d similarity is what u called purity of love:),geez!they was amazing creating a drama/romance and comedy.


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