Spring Days in Korea

Spring Days in Korea

A year ago, I had the best of my Spring days in Korea. If I knew then how hard for me to travel again this year; I probably would've stayed a little longer, sleep-deprived myself a little more, and stayed fully doing more of the things I want. April, 2019- We visited Korea the second [...]



South Korea has been personally my favourite country since I was fourteen years old. Through their Korean dramas, I found myself slowly falling for their culture, traditions, foods and most especially their celebrities. Since then, my life has been greatly influenced by the Korean Wave, also known as Hallyu, which has become one of the [...]


A little like Iris with added twist of Romantic comedy from Choi Kang Hee and Joo Won, this drama made me fall for its fast paced plot and thrilling story line but all the reasons I loved THIS ended at episode 15 onwards, when the writer was like trying to rape the story that most [...]

If not because of Park Shin Hye; FLOWER BOY NEXT DOOR Review

Really this drama's story is really slow paced and non exciting. The only reason I tried hard to watch this is because of the Manager eyebag girl's lovestory and Park Shin Hye that I really like a lot, other than that, this drama is just a typical drama nothing new to offer but an entertainment.

Seek first the kingdom, discover the gift…

[FMV] When Love Conquers Distance (Celebrating Sun&James' Wedding) from SUNlights WorldWide on Vimeo. South, Korea - Wonder Girls' leader and member Sun Ye tied the knots with Canadian-Korean missionary, James Park. So how am I going to sum up my feelings how God proves to be the best author of our life stories as well as [...]

Unexpected fangirl!ing over a stranger.

And yes, I don't know his name. I just googled Flower Boy Next Door and his picture appeared. No, I haven't seen Baker King, that was a GMA Korean Drama. But then again, yes, this guy is so totally adorable not from the first glance but the next glances you'll gonna give him; you'll find [...]