Unexpected fangirl!ing over a stranger.

And yes, I don’t know his name. I just googled Flower Boy Next Door and his picture appeared.

No, I haven’t seen Baker King, that was a GMA Korean Drama.

But then again, yes, this guy is so totally adorable not from the first glance but the next glances you’ll gonna give him; you’ll find him cute. Lastly, all the guys can be paired with Park Shin Hye and one will start seeing unicorns and rainbows. That’s a fact!

One thought on “Unexpected fangirl!ing over a stranger.

  1. and also, anyone paired with Yoon Shi Yoon…if you’ve checked Me Too Flower the girl their was like 11 yrs older than her in real life šŸ™‚ *fangirling here*


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